The Rights win Almonte’s Famous Left Right Curling Challenge

The 54th annual Almonte Left Right Curling Challenge was held on Friday, March 8, 2019 in Almonte.

2019 Rights win the Simpson Seagram’s Trophy
(l-r) Doug Caldwell, Rod Thompson, Craig Campbell, Sean Leonard,
Jamie Dalgity, Dan Logan, Jim Rath and Gerry Coleman

There was a large crowd of interested spectators as the Curling Club was holding their annual Sponsor’s Appreciation Night in the lounge at the same time.

On sheet 2, the Left’s jumped out to an early 4-0 lead after 2 ends, but the Rights came back to tie it it up at 4 after 4 ends, before going on to a 8-5 victory.

On sheet 3, the Lefts went up 5-3 after 4 ends. In the second half of the match, the Rights stormed back to go ahead 8-6 after 7 ends. The Lefts played a good last end to score 3 to win the sheet 3 match 9-8. The Rights won the combined double match competition by a 16-14 score.

2019 Lefts receive the Horse Trophies
(l-r) Art McKay, Mike Maydan, Marc Cousineau, Jack Logan, Rachel Stoddart, Paul Watters and David James. (Abs : Trevor Thompson)

Jim Rath, Trevor Thompson and Rachel Stoddart all played their inaugural game in this historic competition. Rachel becomes just the fourth female player to play in this event, joining fellow Lefties Judy Hawkins (1989), Lisa McPhail (2013,14) and Helen McIntosh (2018). Rachel at age 13, also becomes the youngest curler ever to compete in this event.

Over the 54 years of competition, there have been well over 115 different Left and Right competitors in this unique curling challenge. Many have competed for 15 years & more.