A Letter from Japan

Dear friends at the Almonte Curling Club,

Just thought I would share with you, a proud curling moment in our family.  At this moment Gord and I are in Japan with our daughter Kate who began curling at our club when she was 7 yrs. old. In her 27 yrs. she has missed a few years of curling as she now lives in Australia with her husband and four children.

We are in Karuizawa, Japan at the Asia-Pacific Curling Championships and Kate is curling for the Australian Women’s Curling Team and Gord is officially coaching and I am “Team Leader”.  As Australia does not have curling ice, this is the first time these ladies have curled together and they have played some amazingly skillful curlers from Japan, Korea, China, and New Zealand.

We are having a wonderful time and I thought I would share the website with you (pacc2014.curlingevents.com/) so you could see some of the photos or maybe watch a game.  Unfortunately the girl’s games have not been aired but the Australian men’s team has been.  Maybe in the finals we hope.

Sayonara, my friends
Carolyn Mountenay

Karen Mountenay Carolyn Mountenay in Japan