Rescheduling Games Policy

(Approved by ACC at the December 2016 Meeting)
(Reference – ACC Executive Minutes – December 5, 2016)


The Almonte Curling Club currently has three evening leagues. All of these leagues are designed to provide curlers with an opportunity to play in a fun and competitive setting; two of them also provide a consistent team structure. On Wednesday the teams are set, or fixed, for the season and the composition is pre-determined by the team itself, while on Thursday the teams are assembled by the league coordinator and members are realigned for each draw.   The Monday league allows players to come out and curl on a more casual basis and teams are drawn up on the spot based on the turn out. The Thursday and Wednesday leagues track game points based on wins and losses.

All three leagues strive to provide a convivial social atmosphere on and off the ice. In the clubhouse there is socializing before and after the games in an adult oriented setting with a cash bar, 50/50 draws and other activities such as Monday night hot shots. On the ice we strive to have a number of teams playing concurrently, this provides the noise and activity associated with the game, and as well allows unengaged players to watch play elsewhere in the ice house and to chat with players on adjacent sheets. Unfortunately this year we have only two games on the 9:00 pm draws on Wednesday and Thursday nights and the cancellation of a game takes away from this atmosphere.

These leagues have set schedules that allow teams to plan their activities throughout the season. Naturally there are instances when one or another team member is unable to attend and the club maintains and updates a spares list to assist skips in filling out their squads. Beyond this list any registered club member is eligible to spare in any league. There is a membership category for individuals who cannot commit to a regular team but who wish only to spare. Non-members are not permitted to play. Teams can and do also play with three curlers when the occasion arises.

We expect that games will be rescheduled only on exceptional basis. When this is necessary we ask that teams strive to make use of ice that is available on the other regular evening draw. Ice is always available at 9:00, and more play at this time will enhance the curling experience for the other teams on the ice as well.

Policy Decision:

  1. The primary objective is that all Wednesday Fixed & Thursday Mixed league games be played as scheduled. Teams with three available players are expected to play.
  2. Authorized spares, the bye team (if there is one), or any other ACC member should be utilized as required to staff teams in order to play the game as scheduled.
  3. Games should be rescheduled only on an exceptional basis with the agreement of both teams.
  4. A request to reschedule a game must be presented to the League Coordinator for resolution.
  5. The option for Fixed Wednesday teams to reschedule a game is the next available Thursday evening in the draw.
  6. The option for Mixed Thursday teams to reschedule a game is the next available Wednesday evening in the draw.
  7. If a game cannot be rescheduled, the shorthanded team will forfeit the points.