Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at the club helps keep draw curling and bonspiels more affordable.

Every adult ACC member is expected to contribute to the work that is needed at the club, either in maintenance of the facility that isn‘t done by town staff, or at the various club events.

Different jobs at the club have been assigned different points and we ask that you accumulate 10 points during the curling season. Please see the Volunteer Opportunities page for the list of jobs and the points allotted.

$75 of the ACC membership fee is a ‘volunteer’ fee; that is, if you choose not to contribute 10 points during the curling season the Club will keep the fee. Once your 10 points are accumulated, you get your $75 back!

Can I Share Points?

If one member of a family (living in the same residence) has more than 10 points, they can share or donate the excess points to the other family member. The member having the extra points must advise the volunteer coordinator.

How Can I Volunteer?

Check the website calendar for the list of Club events that you can volunteer at.

Check the sign-up sheets at the club by the stairs to the change rooms.

Watch for emails about upcoming events or volunteer opportunities (make sure the club has your most recent email address).

Talk to the volunteer co-ordinator