Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering at the club helps keep draw curling and bonspiels more affordable. The tasks and points are listed below. Please do not stand back and wait, the jobs you want may be gone if you wait too long. Once you do enough volunteer work to earn 10 Points, your volunteer fee is refunded! Please let the volunteer coordinator know if you do other work at the club that is not listed here. If you have any suggestions about volunteer work please let us know.

Ice Maintenance
Pebblers 10 pts
Run Nipper (1 Draw) 10 pts
Wash 7-foot Ice Cleaner Mop (4 times/year) 10 pts
Clean Ice & Run Nipper for Non-Club Spiels 10 pts
Chairperson 10 pts
Assistant 10 pts
Kitchen Chairperson 10 pts
Kitchen Workers (per event)
Seasonal Cleaning of Kitchen
(done with House Coordinator – 2 volunteers)
10 pts
Morning Shift 10 pts
Lunch Shift 10 pts
Setup Tables and Kitchen for Dinner 10 pts
Cleanup after Full Non-Catered Dinner 10 pts
Decorate / Undecorate Club Lounge
Christmas (2 persons required) 10 pts
Valentine’s Day (2 persons required) 10 pts
St. Patrick’s Day (2 persons required) 10 pts
Executive and Committee Chairs 10 pts
Coaches (Junior) 10 pts
Coaches (Clinics) 10 pts/Clinic
Year-end Party Coordinator 10 pts
Year-end Party Assistant 10 pts
Website Administrator 10 pts


Remember, the sooner you get your points, the sooner you get your refund!