In Ice Advertising

High impact, colour in-ice advertising signs at the Almonte Curling Club are available from from October 1 to March 31. These signs provide good visibility for your message reaching 200 local curling club members and numerous visitors from surrounding communities and the greater Ottawa area every day of the week for 6 winter months.

The dimensions of each sign is 20 in by 41 inches (50 cm by 104cm) and the cost is $200 (+HST) per year, plus initial purchase of the sign (approximately $80) which the ACC will coordinate. All that is needed is a digital version of the sign artwork and the ACC will take care of the rest of the installation.

Additional advertising opportunities which are available at the club include print copies of the ACC Member’s Handbook which is updated annually, and billboard advertising along the walls (3′ x 6′).

Please contact the Advertising chairperson, Sue Pirie for more information or to take advantage of these advertising opportunities.