Pay-Per-Day Policy

Passed at the December 2011 Executive Meeting
Amended at the March 2016 Executive Meeting

POLICY (Refers to Day Curlers Only)

In order to provide flexibility to day members who may not be able to join for a full draw, the use of single-use tickets was started in 2010 as a trial to determine interest and was subsequently approved.


  1. Day Curlers, who have paid the registration fee for at least one draw in the present season, are eligible to purchase Day Tickets in groups of 5 for use in the other draws.
  2. Day Tickets must be purchased from the Senior Coordinator or a delegate. Day Tickets are only available in groups of 5. The cost of Day Tickets will be established from time to time by the ACC Executive.
  3. A member may purchase as many groups of tickets as desired but the tickets are not refundable.
  4. Tickets are transferable to other members who meet conditions in 1 above.
  5. Should more than 32 curlers be present on any curling day, the members who registered for that draw will take precedence over ticket holders.
  6. Ticket holders are entitled to participate in the Friendlies, Bonspiels and Pot-lucks at the usual costs.


Cost per Ticket:
Approved at the March 2016 ACC Executive Meeting, that the cost per ticket be $5.00 with the tickets to be sold in groups of 5 only.