Sparing Policy

Passed at the October 8th, 2019 Executive Meeting


Is to reduce the price of a Social Membership and limit it to Social Events (such as Friday night doubles) and Club Bonspiels. The sparing privilege has been removed from the Social Membership.


The intent is for spares to curl for different teams and not for a 3 person team during a full draw. The skip with the 3 person team is expected to follow this intent when finding spares.

  1. Only ACC members can spare in their own and in other leagues. If a non‑member is used as a spare, the game shall be forfeited by the offending team.
  2. Day curlers can only spare in the draws for which they have registered and paid.
  3. A spare is only allowed to curl at the level or lower than the curler they are replacing.
  4. Any team must have two team members of the original team or the game shall be forfeited. An exception to this rule is when a team is made up of only three members; only one member of the original team must be present for any game
  5. An effort shall be made to play all games as scheduled using spares, unless Item 4 above cannot be observed. See “Rescheduling Games Policy”.
  6. If the draw has a bye team, members should contact the bye team before contacting the spares. Skips should be notified when an individual gets a spare, to prevent any team from having too many spares and causing the game to be forfeited.