Competitive Little Rock/Under 18/Under 21 Curling Policy

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2017/18 season, the Almonte Curling Club (ACC) will not be joining the Ontario Curling Association. ACC teams will not be eligible to play in any OCA competitive events.

Passed at the September 23rd, 2016 Executive Meeting
Amended at the January 10th, 2017 Executive Meeting
Due to the unexpected and dramatic increase in Ontario Curling Association (OCA) entry fees for Under 18 and Under 21 curlers, the Executive has reviewed and amended our Competitive Curling Policy.

  1. It is the policy of the Almonte Curling Club (ACC) to support Little Rock/Under 18/Under 21 competitive curling.
  2. The Almonte Curling Club acknowledges there is an inherent cost to players who decide to enter competitive curling.
  3. The extent of support for a team will be determined by the Executive.
  4. Support may be in the form of financial reimbursement for expenses, ice time provided at the club, access to the membership for team-run fundraising events, and use of the club to run a fundraising bonspiel. Other forms of support may be considered by the Executive.
  5. To receive support from the Almonte Curling Club, all team members must be a member of the Almonte Curling Club and the team must compete as a representative of the Almonte Curling Club.
  6. A team may contain one or more “Members of Convenience”. Specific rules apply to such members.
  7. All requests for support must be directed to the Executive through the ACC Junior Coordinator.

Member of Convenience

  1. A “Member of Convenience” is defined as someone who joins the Almonte Curling Club with the sole intention of using this membership to be eligible for competitions. A “Member of Convenience” is someone who does NOT curl on a regular basis at the ACC.
    A player who has been a member of the ACC in the past, who would now qualify as a “Member of Convenience” as defined by this policy, may appeal to the Executive to be considered a regular member.
  2. A “Member of Convenience” will be assessed a membership fee of $200.